The Brocken Spectre: Nature’s Magic for Your Bucket List

The Brocken Spectre. It’s one of nature’s most elusive treasures, the stuff of fable and mystery. A phenomenon said to be so startling and other-worldly that it has caused mountain climbers fall to their deaths.

I first learned about it while reading “The Yosemite” by John Muir. He saw it on his first sucessful solo climb up Half Dome in the face of the year’s first snowstorm. He was so astounded by it’s magic that he could hardly believe what he was seeing. John Muir, the father of the forest, the hero of the American West, ┬ájust stood in awe, walking back and forth, moving his arms to see his own reflection, incredulous of his enormous rainbow ringed alien lookalike.

This is a rare video of the Brocken Spectre, captured as it was happening.

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