An Invitation to Re-Enchantment

Somewhere about the age of twenty-five while perusing the bargain bin at the local thrift store, I ran across a book titled “The Re-Enchantment of Everyday Life.” I spent most of my twenties depressed and disillusioned with the adult world, so a book that promised to take me back to childhood sounded like a pretty solid buy for fifty cents.

I still own this book, but I never did actually read it. I’d built my life on a foundation of fear and regret, and the language of wonder and magic seemed foreign and absurd. So I always ended up putting it back on the bookshelf, and settling back into my regular life where enchantment in theory was safer than in practice, where I couldn’t afford the disappointment of missing the mark. It sat there year after year, a reminder of what maybe could be, and an inspiration to keep trying.

The last ill fated attempt to read this book.

Fast forward almost a decade, and life’s pretty different for me.

It’s because seven months ago I started retraining my brain with a really simple daily bullet journaling practice┬áto feel joy and appreciation for the world in the moment. I investigated my belief system and started paying attention to my thoughts. When my depression dissolved, I realized the world around me had seemed harsh and ugly because it had been reflecting my own depression.

Now that I was happy, the world seemed happy, too. I saw that I’d been telling the world what to be all along. And that made me realize I could mold my world into anything I wanted.


And I want an enchanting life.

So this is the beginning of my journey and an invitation to come along with me as I sift through my life, through the regular mundane bits of the everyday, re-enchanting everything from the highway I drive to work, to the rain I used to curse as I ran for the car.

My freedom from depression has left me with a lot of mental time on my hands, and I’m going to use it to reveal the wonder and magic all around us.

Just because I want to. Just because I can.


And you?

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