The Re-Enchantment of Roads

Last week I decided to start re-enchanting all the regular things that I find in my everyday life, and this week, I’m tackling roads.

Yep, roads.

I’m going to uncover the magic and wonder of the asphalt we drive our cars on every day. That’s right, the interstate, too. There’s magic in the freaking interstate.

The stuff I’m about to talk about is clearly imaginary. But so is the commonly accepted concept of roads that we never question. Believing that roads are magical and wondrous is no more or less valid than believing they’re cold or lonely or dangerous. You’re making a choice whether you realize it or not.

So to make this happen, we need to stretch our brains out a bit and flex our magic muscles. (No, not that one. Sheesh!) I mean the magic muscle in your mind, the one you probably haven’t used much since you were a kid. You’re going to have to suspend your adult belief in the boring old ordinary a little bit and leave some room in your mind to consider that things might be a lot more interesting than we are used to believing.

Let’s dive in.

But first, one warning. This kind of mind stretching can change a person. So if you’re really attached to driving around every day in a nasty boring funk, then stop now. Because once you experience how your mind builds the reality you live in, and you learn to evaluate and tweak that reality to your pleasing, your regular boring life may never be the same.

 Roads are the veins of humanity

If rivers are the veins that spread water around to keep the planet alive, then roads are the veins that pump energy through humanity. The network of roads that cover our planet is intricately webbed to create pathways for the flow of energy- human energy that is. The roads tell us where we can go, but they don’t control our movement. They sweep us along in specific directions at a specific speed, but each of us choose which path to take.

The road doesn’t just belong to me or you, it belongs to all of us. When the roads get busy, it’s because the buzz of human energy has been cranked up a notch. When the roads are empty, it’s because we’re at rest, as a whole.

If you zoom out to high above the earth and watch this happening over time, you’ll see the heat from each engine and the light from each car’s headlights converge into a map of human activity that we can read, just as we can map the human brain and watch the electrical activity light up different pieces at different times. That visible energy sweeps the planet east to west with the sun, lighting up the roadways, as if the whole of humanity were doing the “the wave” at a baseball game, every single day.

Open your mind a little bit, and suddenly you aren’t just some slob driving with your knee, eating a taco, and picking shredded cheese off your lap. You’re a cell in the brain of human existence. You’re being swept along in an energy river in which every single cell gets a decision in where to flow.

Roads let us tap into a shared human consciousness

Ok, I’m about to get weird here for a minute. But stay with me. You know how basically all of the religions on earth believe in some sort of prayer? Well, unless pretty much everyone on earth is wrong about everything, then there’s some truth to that idea. And if there’s some kind of truth to prayer, if it is real, then prayer has to be transmitted somehow in some way.

And prayer is, in itself, just thoughts, isn’t it? So this means that our thoughts are capable of operating and being transmitted in some kind of system, on some kind of wavelength, perhaps. Most people aren’t really tuned in to that kind of otherworldly wavelength except say, the Pope and some really legit psychics, maybe.

Or maybe not. Maybe we all have the capacity to transmit thoughts and receive them from that system, and we just aren’t aware of that ability. We aren’t conscious of it.

Now hold that thought and think about this.

Remember the last time you arrived at some destination and had no idea how you got there? And you realized you were basically mentally zonked out for the whole trip? Ever wake up driving in the middle of the night and find yourself still on the road? Ever look up and realize you’d been looking at your phone for way longer than you consider safe, but you’re still between the lines, just as you should be?

I’ll propose that it isn’t just dumb luck keeping our cars on the road while our minds drift the majority of the time, but that maybe our subconscious or unconscious or other-conscious is tapped into that thought system without us knowing it, that same mystical thought system that prayer operates on. When countless thousands of drivers before you traveled that same road at the same places, they associated the same thoughts with the same places, to press the brakes, the turn the wheel for a curve, or look up when there was a stop sign approaching. Maybe you’re receiving those same signals from the universe the way your radio is receiving music.

Maybe the roads aren’t just pathways for the energy of humanity to flow through. Maybe those paths are actually absorbing and storing that energy as information that subconsciously trickles into your behavior and keeps you in line when your conscious mind is otherwise engaged.

Maybe, and why not?

 Join me next week

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In the next post of the Re-Enchantment of Everything series, I’ll be exploring how roads are both lava and time travel.

Get ready for that. 

Stay cool and thanks for reading. Let me know in the comments what you think.

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