Start Shifting Your Today with The Winterbritt Project

What is The Winterbritt Project? 
The Winterbritt Project is a guided Facebook Group to help people just like you implement the exact same practices that I use every single day to overcome my suffering and retrain my brain for happiness.
How does it work?
There are three components to the project. Each component works in a different way to shift our point of view or alter our frame of reference. We change what our mind notices when we look our world. Then, we also change how our brain interprets what it notices.

1. The Journal –  We use a journal to collect and record evidence from our daily lives of the thoughts and beliefs we want to build up. This creates space in our mind for positive beliefs and feelings to exist. This easy five minute activity begins rewiring our brains to focus where we ask it to. Our improved thoughts foster an improved mood, and we find energy and hope.

The journal categories include:

  • Gratitude
  • Beauty (or a category of your choice)
  • Humor (or a category of your choice)
  • Daily Affirmation
  • Self-Love
  • Excitement
  • Happy Memory
  • Prayer
  • “The Why”

2. Time Capsule Writing – We occasionally write time capsule letters to ourselves to be opened at a later date. I’ve found this practice to be incredibly helpful in easing anxiety, reducing loneliness, and cultivating hope for the future. We usually know the exact advice we need to take when we are struggling, but we often have trouble giving it to ourselves when we’re in the middle of something difficult. Time capsule letters allow us to reach through time and give ourselves exactly what we need in that moment.

3. Self-Inquiry – Once the daily journal and time capsule writing have lifted our moods and given us a vision of a future without suffering, we will explore the concept of self-inquiry and apply the methods to our own damaging thought patterns. We will use the step-by-step methods to deconstruct and disarm our hurtful thoughts, and then choose new beliefs that support the life we choose.

How can I join? 
This project is completely free. The only required supplies are a notebook and a pen. Click to join the Facebook Group here. The project involves spending about five minutes per day writing in your journal and leaving a response to one thread in the group each day (posted at 10:00 am daily.) If you want to develop a more positive outlook, or if you’re suffering with distressing thoughts, please come and join us. If you’re on the fence, try asking one of my favorite questions, “why not?”
This group is not a treatment for any physical or mental illness. I am not a doctor or a therapist. I am a writer and a regular person who has personally suffered with depression and anxiety. I am sharing the methods that work for me, but I cannot guarantee any specific result for you. The information I share should be considered informational and educational only. If you have any concerns about your physical or mental well being, please contact a professional.